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Saturday, September 26, 2009

This Just a Shattered Hope...

Love Of My Life

I try, I really try to forget
How it was for us
Lying in your strong arms
My love for you filling my heart to overflowing
Almost breaking out of my chest
The feelings were so intense.

I try! I really try to tell myself
I WILL love again, make love again!
Then I see your smiling face in my inner vision
I hear the memory of your voice
The one that made my wings take flight
And my body reel with my longing

When I wake in the cold dawn, alone
Even the pillows I place where you used to lie
No longer comfort me….even half asleep!

You are gone! You are gone………
And my heart is an empty hollow
And my mind crucifies me all over again.

Never give your heart to this degree
Love by all means and with a passion!
But never put your soul completely on the line
For a mere mortal……..

Love and trust, take risks and live.
Of course do these things…
But keep a tiny bit of soul to cuddle up to
A tiny reason and part of you
Which wants to live and try again

Otherwise you will become as one
Who enters the party dressed to kill
Makes wonderful conversation
And everyone laughs alongside
Never realising your heart
Is a cold and inaccessible tomb