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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hopes Fade Away


In the deep dark of night
When all seems completely lost
And not a ray of hope is in sight
And nothing seems worth the cost

Remember a sudden wind may shift
The clouds darkening the sky
And remove the deep, dark, threatening mist
And in front of you, your path will lie

It will be as if a bright, strong rope
Was tossed at your feet
And again you can feel the elation of hope
And any obstacle you can beat

Grasp with new strength that lifeline
Leave behind the pain and despair
Reach for the newly strengthened vine
That will lead you to love and tender care

It's a shame that the beauty of
Our world is marred and marked
That even sometimes the love
Is hidden by the dark

Yet never let it slip your mind
That the beauty is still there
That in the simplest things we can find
Something wondrous and fair

Sometimes we need to just open our eyes
To see the wonders in front of our nose
To see that not everything is a bunch of lies
But instead to see the gorgeous budding rose

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